Our Investment Approach is based upon the concept that a properly diversified bond portfolio is key to limiting a client’s overall risk exposure, generating a predictable income stream and preserving capital.

The Investing Strategy is guided by interest rate trends and the yield curve environment as part of out “top-down” analysis of factors impacting the fixed income universe.  We work to maximized returns and minimize risk by creating a fixed income portfolio that can achieve a balance between modest capital appreciation, preservation of principal and generation of a high and predictable stream of income. 

Our Fixed Income Universe is chosen on the basis of credit risk, yield spreads versus benchmarks, client appropriate maturity structure and duration parameters, individual liquidity, tax and cash flow requirements.  Additionally, we strive to diversify a portion of our portfolios into high yield debt and internationally in both developed and emerging market fixed income investments.

Our Investment Style is active. We look to exploit appreciation opportunities through changing maturities and durations, shifting sectors and adjusting credit quality. Portfolios are diversified across industries and sectors. With investors for whom tax considerations are of primary importance we can work to structure portfolios utilizing municipal bonds to minimize Federal and state tax exposure.