"We are growth managers sensitive to relative valuation"

is based primarily on growth and valuation and the flexibility to adapt to changing market environments as determined by investor psychology and the economic cycle. 

is internally formulated as are the majority of our portfolio ideas. We gather news and analysis from various economic services from which we extract a “top down” blueprint of the economy, identifying strong and weak sectors. We seek to anticipate rather than react to economic and market developments. 

is selected on the basis of a variety of growth, economic valuation and financial criteria. This universe is further refined by reviewing financials, operating strategies, management and technical analysis. We are particularly attracted to companies with strong cash flow, growth, solid balance sheets, appropriate leverage and favorable industry position. We are concerned with valuation, both absolute and relative, and build disciplines into the selection process to avoid frothy and speculative market areas. 

is sufficiently adaptable to market conditions so that, when necessary, we can implement defensive strategies and anticipate the business cycle. We endeavor to avoid being mired in a rigid investment style that would be a disadvantage in adapting to rapidly changing markets. 

among 30-40 issues. Industry groups may be overweighted or underweighted based on our assessment of the economy and investor psychology. We seek opportunity everywhere and are not restricted to industry groups or company size. The investment universe includes special situations, such as, underfollowed, under-owned investments whose fortunes are believed to be changing in some significant way. We are not market timers, technicians or price momentum players. We work to take advantage of changes in sector rotation and instances of undervaluation.  Fundamental company analysis remains our primary investment selection methodology.  When we balance portfolios to meet asset allocation and sector weighting goals, we may supplement individual equities and bonds with mutual funds and/or ETFs.